Friday, March 29, 2013

Check your ration card/ voter id card info online

Hi Guys,

You can access/check your ration card or voter id card info online.

#. Ration Card Info
  • Go to
  • Go to "राशन कार्ड का विवरण देखें"
  • Select your district. (e.g. For us its "Kushinagar")
  • You will see two types here
    - Town
    - Village
    Select your area accordingly. (e.g. for us it should be "Padrauna")
  • A list will be populated with 5 columns
    - Shopkeeper name
    - BPL
    - Antyodaya
    - APL
    - Total
    Go to your appropriate shopkeeper name in the list and move to the right and click on the number displayed for your card type.
    For example : If you have an APL card and your shopkeeper is "Prabhu Patel"
  • After clicking above number you may need to wait for few mins :-(  if the number is big >100. (I had to wait 2 mins 32 seconds). However, you will be able to see name list. Find your name and click on the Card no, this will populate your ration card info.

    Thats it
#. Voter ID Card
  • Go to
  • Click on "Search your name" or goto ""
  • Perform search based on your convenience and click on the "Alphabatic Locator"
  • Find your name in the list and click on "Click to view". This should populate your voter id card details.
You should check all details thoroughly. If found anything dirty like wrong DOB or address or spelling mistake or WRONG VOTER ID CARD NUMBER (this is very common), though you will be able to vote but you should report to the concerned department to make appropriate changes.

Note: URL or website design/architecture may get changed. Please refer to "" for latest links. The information provided above is the latest one on 29-March-2013.


  1. You can access/check your ration card or voter id card info online. Check status of Voter ID Card

  2. Hey RN Groups,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I have updated the URL accordingly. The domain is still same "". It seems that they have changed the links. :)

  3. Ration card Status is currently limited to few states only. Check this: how to check ration card status in India for complete details.